Your responses to: seeking nut & fruit tree nursery in southern tier

I think that the Good Life Farm might be selling hazelnut etc at some point.

On May 9, 2012, at 10:32 AM, Jon Bosak wrote:

> I regret that I didn’t jump in earlier to second the recommendation > for
> the Cummins Nursery on Trumansburg Road in Ithaca:
> These guys know everything there is to know about growing fruit in our > area (Cummins Senior worked for many years developing apples at the > Geneva Experiment Station, and the nursery is very strong in peaches, > pears, apricots, cherries, and plums, too). Miller’s is fine, and > I’ve
> had reasonable luck with their berries, but I’ve had much better luck > with trees from Cummins because I can get them right out of the cooler > in the spring and take them straight home, whereas the ones from > Miller’s have to suffer through the delivery system.
> The one big drawback with Cummins is that they are so good that they > often sell out early in the season, so everyone who deals with them > regularly orders in the fall in order to reserve exactly what they > want,
> and if you try in the spring you will often not be able to get the > variety you were hoping for. Also, they don’t do nut trees. >
> For those familiar with the area: this is the same storefront as for > Indian Creek Farm. It’s about half a mile above the hospital. >
> Jon
> Adam Flint wrote:
>> Hi
>> Below are the responses to my query, with thanks to those who wrote. >>
>> -Adam

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