Ithaca College Permaculture Garden seeks fun-loving, soil workers this Saturday

Wanna build soil? Like shovels and working with lots of fun folks?
The Ithaca College Permaculture Garden is doing our soil amendment work party this Sunday April 15 from 12-6pm near Williams Hall. We’d love your help with shoveling compost and building growing beds. If you have a pickup truck and wouldn’t mind driving a few loads of compost from the big pile to our garden site, we’d sure appreciate it! We’ll have shovelers and wheelbarrows on both sides so you only have to do the driveby! But if you want to get dirty, we’d be proud to have you. Please bring gloves. If you want to bring a shovel, heavy duty rake, hoe, etc. please do, but mark it with your name.
Thanks for your support!
You can contact me at 273-2282 or karryn

You can park in the visitor lot

and walk to the south east side of Williams Hall
On the day of the event, call my cell if you need help with directions or parking: 339-1153

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