Ithaca College permaculture project needs help right now (this hour!)

I just received a call from Karryn Olson Ramanujan who is with a small crew building a hefty pergola between Williams and Phillips Halls on the Ithaca College Campus. Apparently they have two huge black locust postd weighing at least 200 lbs. that must be lifted and dropped into holes in the ground. Their small and dedicated crew are out there now and have found that they are simply not strong enough to do it. If you are in the area and could devote a half hour sometime in the next hour or two, please give Karryn a call at 607-339-1153. The students have a lovely vision to bring a beautiful food forest to a central location on the campus that has a particularly drab, uninspired and unused patch of landscaping and gardens. Your brief donation of muscle-power would be a great help.


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with the Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute

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